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A big thank you to all trackdays organizers, track owners, clubs, sports drivers, instructors, partners, translators and friends who have contributed to the creation and realization of from the beginning.

DATA PROTECTION / COPYRIGHT is a website and an original concept, both of which are protected by copyright and by Swiss and international law. Any reproduction of our website, even partial, is strictly forbidden without our agreement. If you are interested in using texts or other elements presented on our website, please ask us for permission beforehand. We are always open to discussion.

  • Texts

All texts in our sections and sub-sections have been created 100% by our team. They are first created in French and then translated into English and German by ourselves or by friendly translators. Whether in French, English or German, they are our intellectual property.

  • Photos

With the exception of certain photos offered, loaned or free of copyright, all pictures and illustrations on our site (including spreadsheets and cartoons) are our exclusive property.

  • Trackdays calendar

Although our calendar is designed to be consulted regularly by our visitors, and in particular by drivers looking for dates or combinations of dates, it remains our exclusive property. Entering all this data requires hours of work; this must be both appreciated and respected. Copying all or part of our calendar for a use parallel to our own is neither correct nor legal; it’s simply theft.

  • Logo

Our logo is, of course, an integral part of our intellectual property. Our partners, recognized as such by us, naturally have the right to use it on their websites and on their various communication media.