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In addition to the information it contains (calendar, advice, links), our website also is a place of exchange, from fans to fans. Communicating with us is very easy :

a/ add a comment below for any short question/remark concerning the world of trackdays or our website. Once submitted, your text will appear provisionally (and only on your PC/mobile phone) at the top of the comments. Then it will reappear at the same place following our validation and answer. To guarantee you a complete confidentiality, your email address will remain secret and no data is given to third parties. NOTE : the other previous comments here below may also be useful.

b/ send us an email ( ) for any question that requires a specific development, or for any partnership request. We will answer you as quick as possible.

c/ meet us directly on the racetrack (listing of our participations in trackdays under NEWS / -> meet us on track).

No matter how you communicate, we are looking forward to answering your questions, your polite criticisms or comments.

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  1. Hi, what do you think of the Nordschleife ? is it a circuit ? is it an open road ? should it be ridden on Touristenfahrten days or only when the circuit is privatized ? kind regards, Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, we think this place needs to be assessed on two different levels. 1. For Touristenfahrten, it’s an open road with different types of vehicles and, above all, different levels of driving. Drivers aren’t always aware of the danger they’re putting themselves or others in. There are undoubtedly miracles every day. 2. In private trackdays or in competition, it’s clearly a racetrack subject to other rules. You can overtake on the left and on the right, there are no speed limits and you can/should equip yourself with all the safety equipment of the modern driver/racer. In any case, it’s a place to be approached with smile and pleasure but also with respect and caution. Never forget it.

  2. hello, following the evolution of electric cars and the programmed death of combustion engine cars by 2030-2050, how do you see trackdays evolving in Europe and the USA in the next few years ? thank you for your answer and interesting website. Dirk

    1. hello Dirk, thank you for your very interesting question. without being either politician or soothsayer, we don’t see any change concerning trackdays for the next 5-10 years at least. in fact, excepted N’Ring which is legally a road and not a circuit, no circuit is allowing electric cars on trackdays organized for GT’s at the moment (for reasons of safety and investment in recharging points). in addition, the development of synthetic fuel (eFuels by Porsche in particular) could also save combustion engines in the medium/long term ! wait and see !…

  3. hi, congrats for your 200’000 visits mark ! great success = great site. nothing else to say. thank you to continue full throttle. kind regards. Steve

  4. hi, thank you for your stance on Ukraine. it is rare to have people who express their feelings clearly and with nuance. i also hope that this horrible aggression will stop quickly for the good of all. thank you also for the information, advices and pictures of your website. a great pleasure to visit it every time. kind regards, Jeremy K.

    1. hi Jeremy, we are indeed horrified that a dictator and his henchmen can attack and destroy an independent and free state, raze entire cities, kill thousands of citizens and send many of them into exile with such impunity. what a disaster and what a shame for humanity ! thank you for your comments on our website. we try to do our best !

  5. hi, could you tell me why there are no registred trackdays at Imola for the moment ? I would like to combine Imola with Mugello or Monza. thank’s for your answer in advance. kind regards, Sam

    1. UPDATE TO OUR ANSWER TO SAM : we received the same question in french. our latest information tells us that the circuit is almost 100% occupied by F1, testdays for racing teams and various car and motorcycle championships. WE KNOW THAT NJS (A GERMAN ORGANIZER THAT WE KNOW WELL) IS TRYING TO ORGANIZE A FULL WEEK IN MUGELLO (17-18-19 OCT) AND IMOLA (20-21 OCT). THESE DAYS ARE A MIX BETWEEN DRIVING COURSES AND FREE DRIVING ON THE TRACK. STAY TUNED !…

  6. Hi, thank you for the first dates of 2022. Already a lot of possibilities to drive on the tracks next year. But what do you think about the present (and future) restrictions in Europe ? What is the feedback of the organizers and/or tracks ? Thank you for your work and investment for my/our pleasure. Kind regards, Jeremy

    1. hello Jeremy, to be honest and direct it is difficult to answer your question. at the moment, at the level of the circuits and organizers, we have the feeling that people avoid talking about it too much because the sanitary and political situation can evolve in one way or the other. but we have to admit that we all have the feeling of going back 12 months… waiting and flexibility are the key words.

  7. Hi, I just want to tell you that you website is amazing. The information you provide is great. Please continue to do like this for the future. What a job from enthusiasts to enthusiasts. Kind regards to your team. Michael

    1. Dear Michael, we can just anwser “thank you for your nice comments” ! We always try to do our best for our visitors and GT/sport/race cars enthousiasts. Kind regards and take care.

  8. hello from the other side of the world. with some friends we are visiting your website which is very well done. no doubt we will come and ride on your beautiful european circuits once the covid will give us the possibility. keep it up, you are doing a great job. Jim

    1. Hello Jim, thank you for your message and welcome to Europe to all our Australian friends. we already wish you a wonderful trip through Europe. thank you for visiting our website. it is a real pleasure to be in contact with enthusiasts from the other side of the world 😉 . take care.

  9. Hi guys, just 3 questions and 1 note : who are you really ? who is the owner of the site ? are you really fully independent from a group or a company or a trackdays organizer ? anyway what you do is just amazing. I feel the passion behind the lines and photos. please continue like this. kind regards, Peter

    1. Hi Peter: direct questions -> direct answers : 1. who we are (privately) is not so important. 2. belongs to our administrator, in fact to the person who founded the site 2 years ago. he and some of us (mainly gentleman drivers and instructors) are well known by our partners and by the majority of the organizers listed on the site. 3. yes, we are totally autonomous, independent and neutral (and we care about that). 4. yes, we devote a lot of energy and time to it, but who loves doesn’t count. thank you very much for your kind words.

  10. Hi, I do agree with Sergei. Your calendar is great and you search engine is excellent. I can easily select my favorite tracks and my possible dates. Very simple and easy to use. Great added value of your website. Nice pictures as well. Thank’s for your work. Jim

    1. Hi Jim, thank you for your nice comments. We try to do our best in order to be the most userfriendly website for you. We hope that the search engine is considered as a real added value by all our visitors. Kind regards and take care.

  11. Hello from Russia, I gess I am the first Russian to put a comment here. I want also to tell you that we are following your website with other friends because we love to drive on the european circuits from time to time. Your calendar is great, as well as the new search filter. well done. all the best to you. from Russia with love 😉 Sergei F.

    1. Hi Sergei, thank you for your message. Yes you are the first Russian to leave us a message. But maybe you have seen that Russia is n° 5 in the Top 15 Countries concerning the number of visits. We are very proud that so many Russians are following us. It corresponds to our goal of bringing together on our website people from the north, south, east and west ! All the best to you and your friends as well and take care.

  12. I just discovered your website, a big wow for the level of information it contains, it’s great to have the circuits and hotels to book my trip to Europe. thank you. kind regards, Mick

    1. Hi Mick, thank you for your comments. yes, it is our basic idea to facilitate your trip, joining tracks and hotels on the same website. please also read our advices at chapter “information/advice” because the rules are not exactly the same in Europe and in the US. we wish you a nice trip through Europe. kind regards.

  13. I’m extremely pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read. I absolutely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your site. malek from poland

    1. Hello Malek and hello to all our English-speaking visitors : we can not answer to everyone but thank you for your interest and your numerous visits to our website, for your support and nice messages throughout the year, and especially in December when we passed the 30’000 visits mark (in the meantime we have passed the 35’000 visits mark). we wish you an excellent year 2021, stay safe and stay tuned ! your team

  14. hello, wow – congrats for the 30’000 visits. your site is cool and interesting. can you explain why your site is so appreciated by americans ? by the way do you especially appreciate US cars ? because there are some nice pictures on your site. thank’s. I wish you a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year and a long life to kind regards, Oliver

    1. hello Oliver, thank you for your message and nice wishes. are you a US guy yourself ? 1. US cars : yes, we also like US cars such as corvette, viper, cobra, mustang,… 2. visits and interest of americans in our site : honestly we do not really know why. our hypothesis : a/ americans are interested in european circuits, b/ some of them may be based in Europe (with an IP address in the US ?) and are already driving on these tracks, c/ our site is really great 😉 . whatever the reason/s it’s a reality and that makes us really happy. any ideas or explanations would be welcome. anyway all the best, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and to all our visitors ! and thank you so much for your trust.

  15. hello, we are a group of drivers and friends who want to come to Europe in 2021 (if possible). which countries and major circuits do you recommend us ? best regards from Florida. Dwayne

    1. hello Dwayne, thank you for your contact. our answer depends a bit on the time you have available. either you focus on one country (France, Germany, Italy, Spain,…) or you focus on the main circuits (Nürburgring, SPA, Castellet,…). anyway the most important thing is to organize your trip well (booking your trackdays with the organizers, booking hotels, travel time from one circuit to another,…). we precisely list the major european circuits in the “circuits” section, so make your choice. welcome to Europe and enjoy. do not hesitate to contact us via email for further information. kind regards

  16. Hi there, hello and congrats for your interesting website from the US. how do you see the situation for trackdays in Europe next year ? I am planning to organize a European tour. thank’s in advance and take care. Jeff

    1. Hello Jeff and hello to all our US friends, you’re a lot to follow us there on the other side of the Atlantic. Tough question. Given the current situation in Europe, it is difficult for us as well as for all the organizers and racetracks to make any predictions for next year. Let’s wait until end of Jan / beginning of Feb. Then we will have a much better view of the situation and the measures taken (or still in force) in the different European countries. Anyway we have started to fill out the 2021 calendar but let’s remain cautious.

  17. Hi, congrats for the 20’000 visits mark, well done, great site, always something new, always updated, thank’s for your work and information. let’s go for the next 20’000 ! kind regards, Jeremy

  18. hi, this is a great website with useful information (specially calendar and reminders). well done and thank you. may I ask how do you manage the calendar ? it must be a big job. kind regards

    1. Hi Anthony, thank you for your comments. the management of the calendar is indeed a very big job (especially during this year 2020 for the reasons we know – Covid19). without betraying any secrets, we receive direct information from organizers, clubs, drivers and friends and we go fishing for information ourselves, day after day.

  19. Wow! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you’ve done a very good job with this.

  20. great pleasure to discover your site, to read your information and to follow your updates. thank’s and long life to Tom

    1. Hi John, big question, difficult answer ! each owner or driver will have a different answer. in order to remain neutral, we can simply say that Porsche (with GT3, GT3RS, GT2, GT2RS, Turbos,…) is the most represented brand on a racetrack (perhaps 80-90%). that’s normal, Porsches are very efficient and reliable. McLaren is undoubtedly an excellent choice today, as Ferrari (430 Scuderia, 458, 488, …), Lamborghini (Huracan) and Audi (R8). BMWs (M2, M3, M4) and Mercedes (AMG GTS and GTR) are also efficient and reliable. Then come more exotic cars like Corvettes (Z06, ZR1), Vipers (ACR), Lotus and others.

  21. hi, do you have any contacts in the UK ? do you know some trackdays organisers there. thank’s in advance and kind regards.

    1. hi Malcolm, no, we are focused on continental Europe. there is a lot of trackdays organisers and circuits in the UK and it would be too difficult for us to follow this wonderful motorsport oriented country. but you can easily find some interesting information on the web (type trackdays UK if not already done and you will see). in fact, we have contacts with Brits and Americans who want to drive on the famous racetracks of continental Europe. and they can find a nice choice of trackdays in our calendar.