“THE ROAD TO THE RACE” is the project of two gentleman drivers and friends who want to take the step into motor racing. trackdays.events has decided to take part in this great adventure in the category FFSA/TOURISME/TC and share it with you, so as to be able to describe the emotions they experienced from the inside. The aim of the exercise is also to show the ins and outs of such an adventure to any amateur driver who might want to start such a project.

Please find here below : the adventure teaser, an exclusive interview of the drivers, the tests and races summaries, the links to live races and the season calendar.



trackdays.events : we’re here with the two initiators of this adventure. In addition to the funny teaser, which gives us a glimpse of your mutual backgrounds, tell us about the origins of this project.
Christian S : the idea had been germinating in my head for some time : what could be more intense than my trackdays at the wheel of my Corvette, already well prepared for the track and fitted with slicks ?
Christian vdW : yes, the idea came from him. At one point, he thought about buying a race car, but he realized that buying the car is one thing, preparing and maintaining it from race to race is another one. In fact, it is simply unrealistic for non-mechanics like us.

Why both of you ?
Christian S : we met and became friends through our respective Corvettes; we’ve been doing a few trackdays together every year for several years now. As far as this project is concerned, I didn’t want to live this racing experience on my own, but share my emotions on and off the track with a trusted friend who shares the same views and values as I do. So I told him about my plans.
Christian vdW : we’ve known each other for 6-7 years, through a mutual friend and coach. In the beginning, we only got together every year at Spa with another buddy who drives a Corvette; this outing to Spa is still a must for the three of us. In the meantime, other buddies have joined our trio. Then we drove together at Mugello, Castellet, Magny-Cours and Dijon. After a positive first racing experience with the Alfa you see in the teaser, I told Christian I’d be up for the adventure alongside him. And then we started the research mode.

Why this team, this FFSA/TOURISME/TC championship and this car ?
Christian S : we were looking for something that spoke to us, and it didn’t just happen easily. In fact, we were on several searches, the basic idea being to be able to run a race car at least as powerful as our Z06 and GT3RS (yes, in the meantime Christian has switched to Porsche…). And it was once again thanks to a Corvette (a tuned one, from our friend Peter) that I met Circuit Toys, who had just redirected their activities from garages and car tuners to a racing team via the purchase of two Hyundai TCRs. The chosen championship turned out to be the most interesting for all of us in terms of the car, the budget, the type of championship, the circuits and the number of races per weekend.
Christian vdW : several projects have indeed been studied within the framework of our financial resources. In motor sport, money is the sinews of war. If you have an unlimited or almost unlimited budget, you can do Porsche Cup, Ferrari Challenge or Trofeo Lamborghini, GT4, GT3 or proto. We each have a budget ceiling, so we had to take the time to study the various options carefully. The many discussions we’ve had with Circuit Toys have enabled us to see that we’re in line with our sporting and human objectives and values.

If we read your schedule correctly, you won’t be doing the first two races ?
Christian S : that’s right. There are a number of reasons for this : 1. technical : the car isn’t quite ready, 2. legal : I’ve got to get my license done and Christian has to renew his one, 3. time-related : work, family and other vacations also count in the balance, 4. budgetary : we’ve deliberately set ourselves a “morally acceptable” maximum.
Christian vdW : nothing to add, apart from the fact that, despite our unwavering passion for motor sport, we have to keep things in proportion and take into account various factors outside our passion.

One last question : two Christians, two “little” Swiss guys, sharing a car. Is it a coincidence, a wink ?
Christian S : life brought us together, we liked each other and we finally decided to live this adventure side by side. By chance ? Probably not. A wink ? Certainly. And that’s what makes us so special in this French FFSA/TOURISME/TC championship organized by SRO.
Christian vdW : we look forward to seeing you at our testdays and future races !

Intense and successful final tests at Nevers Magny-Cours


After a first morning session that allowed the team, the car and the two drivers to get back into the swing of things, the lap times gradually dropped as the day progressed and confidence grew. However, learning to brake with the left foot led to a few wheel lock-ups, even once with a visit to the gravel trap, but without any consequences or damage to the car. A poor quality of fuel played tricks on us (loss of power) before everything was back to normal. In the end of the day, both drivers were able to rack up the laps, get their bearings and continue learning about the car thanks to data analysis between each session. The team and drivers leave satisfied and happy after an intense day of work and fine-tuning. The Spa weekend is now fast approaching. Let’s race now !



Summary of free practice and qualifying
This is it ! The two free practice sessions gave us the chance to come back to the magnificent Spa circuit and to calibrate the car. Qualifying, on the other hand, was a complicated affair, with Christian vdW’s session involving multiple yellow and red flags in the pouring rain, with only one possible qualifying lap (with a straightaway at the turn of La Source that did not really help); much better qualifying session for Christian S, who put in a fine performance on a track that was still tricky but drying out slowly and nicely. Follow our first races live via the link on the right below or discover them later on the GTWorld by SRO YouTube channel via the middle link below (then indicate the name of the race you wish to watch).

Summary of races 1 & 2
Race 1 : following the chaos of qualifying due to the rain, race management finally positioned us in p31/59 on the starting grid. After yet more yellow and red flags, Christian vdW managed to make up a few places to finish p25.
Race 2 : better qualified and placed on the grid, Christian S had a great race, overtaking many drivers. After being p15 for a while, he finished p19 following a small but worrying problem with the fuel pump.

Summary of races 3 & 4
Race 3 : according to the FFSA regulations, Christian vdW was once again placed in p31; he got off to a good start and maintained his position. Some run-offs of other drivers and overtaking maneuvers enabled him to improve his position. Unfortunately, fuel pump problems reappeared but he was able to finish his race in p24, but not without having to let two TCA Minis pass him.
Race 4 : the mechanics worked hard to remedy the car’s woes; Christian S started the race, but after two laps under safety car due to a collision between two TCA-light 208 drivers, the fuel problems reappeared, to the great displeasure of the whole team. At the instigation of its driver, the team decided to withdraw from the race. A frustration for all concerned, but it is totally part of motor racing. See you now at Magny-Cours on August 24 and 25 !

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