Advice/reminder for the driver

Here are some useful tips and reminders.

Food & Drinks
It is essential to eat light and highly digestible food. It is very important to drink a lot because you sweat heavily. Alcohol and drugs are of course strictly prohibited.

Wearing a helmet is obligatory for all passengers (except for Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten; in our opinion it is absolutely negligent to drive on a racetrack without a helmet). An integral or a jet helmet homologated for cars or motorcycles is required.

Wristband the driver badge received at the briefing (otherwise forbidden to enter the track).

Wear suitable shoes and clothing for sports driving on racetracks. WARNING : since 2018 on some tracks it is obligatory to wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts, for all occupants. The consequence of the non respect of this rule will avoid the access to the track ! The wearing of special gloves and shoes for sport driving is also recommended. NOTE : according to rumours the wearing of FIA-homologated, fireproof underwear and racingsuit could become mandatory for driver and co-driver in the near future.

If you take a passenger with you, check that he/she has his/her badge on his/her wrist and make sure he/she is safe and comfortable (helmet attached, belt/harness buckled, door/window closed). During the first lap and during the whole stint, make sure that he/she is okay by giving a mutual hand signal (e.g. thumbs up, thumbs down). Never splurge. Drive within the limits of your ability, otherwise a crash is preprogrammed.